We understand! Your plate is already full of responsibilities. However, the more your feel stuck, the harder it gets to take that crucial first step. It's a cycle that can keep you parked at the idea phase of your precious vision. 

The Overwhelm Paradox 

Imagine a year from now, what journey would that inner knowing have taken you on.  We are not used to leaning in and listening with curiosity to this voice but the path forward resides in trusting this inner knowing. 

An Inner Vision Calling to You 

Leaning into perfection isn't just missed chances; it's an expanding gap between potential and reality. Even though we were trained to be "perfect", it is not realistic and impedes our entrepreneurial growth. 

The Perils of Perfection  

But unsure what steps will get you there.... 
You are NOT alone! 

Are you dreaming of a different path?

  • At Chandrima, we turn your rich knowledge and experience into actionable strategies, helping you position into your role as a compassionate leader in your community. 

  • Tailored Pathways for Growth: Every woman's journey in medicine is unique. Our team creates personalized plans that align with your vision, ensuring your future is both fulfilling and impactful. No two offers are the same. 

  • Empowering Sustainable Change: Our approach is not just about immediate success; it's about instilling the skills and mindset for long-term, leading you into sustainable growth in the ever-evolving world of healthcare. We help you understand how you can leverage your knowledge to pivot step by step into the vision you have in a sustainable way. It's going to take some unlearning but you are up for it and we are here to walk with you through it! 


Over the last few years, that inner voice is now knocking at the door and catching your attention. It's Hard to Ignore. 

Position your voice as an expert: Comprehensive guidance for physicians to start a successful podcast, amplify your message, and engage listeners and align it with your other offers. 

Start A podcast On any topic


Turn knowledge into a legacy: Develop engaging online courses that empower, educate, and connect with your medical audience. We can help you from start to finish - even hosting! 

Create an online course,
Become a expert


Create a new practice: 
Work in a way that resonates with your inner knowing.  Structure your offers in a way that aligns with your medical expertise and a holistic approach to healing. 

design your ideal
INtegrative Practice


Strategically build your client base: Expertly designed sales funnels for physicians to maximize impact and grow your offer with a clear strategy.

Create a sales Pathway
for your offer


Revolutionize your online strategy: Bespoke web development that reflects your unique medical perspective and reaches a global audience. DIY help with templates or full service website development. 

Website Development


Empower your journey: Transformative mindset coaching for integrative and lifestyle physicians seeking balance, clarity, and personal growth in their professional lives.

Mindset Coaching & Mapping a path


Here's a sample of what we can do together:

Let's bring your unique voice, expertise and perspectives to the table in a sustainable way.

When navigating career pivots, physicians encounter uncertainty of a large magnitude. What about everything we have invested to that point? How can we let that go?  These pivotal moments are opportunities for personal and professional growth. As you embrace this new chapter, fulfillment and purpose can emerge from aspirations into realities.

This journey redefines success, aligning your career with your inner values. Each step on this transformative path is intentional, bringing you closer to impactful, meaningful success. It's about cultivating a richer, purpose-driven professional life, resonating with your inner knowing and aspirations in healthcare.

Let's transform uncertainty into a fulfilling future.

Ready to have a chat with your inner potential?

Ready to get started?

With a clear plan in hand, we begin the exciting process of exploring how we can support your career, marking the start of your new chapter as a visionary leader.

Embark on Your new Path


After the call with Siri Chand, the team will review your goals and create a personalized action plan, from coaching to web development, ensuring every step is aligned with your vision.

Crafting Your Journey


Discovery Call Session

Schedule a call with Siri Chand to uncover the essence of your professional aspirations and the impact you wish to make. We brainstorm the steps forward. 


What are the next steps?
Here's the plan!

From Uncertainty to Result: We turn your rich knowledge and experience into tangible assets that help you step into your role as a leader in the integrative and lifestyle growing industry.

Tailored Pathways for Growth: Every physicians's journey is unique. We create projects that align with your vision and goals for your career development and entrepreneurial journey. 

Empowering Sustainable Change: Our approach is not just about immediate success; it's about instilling the skills and mindset for long-term, sustainable growth in the ever-evolving world of healthcare and your innovative perspective. 

Redefine You: Let go of someone else's version of your success. If you can imagine it, we will help you do it. And we can even help you expand your imagination. 

What are your thoughts
on these career-shifting results?

CUrious about the process of working together?
Read on

Striking a balance between professional obligations and personal well-being is tough. You're seeking harmony in a demanding field, aiming to integrate self-care with professional excellence AND be visionary. All while balancing relationships, family obligations of children and aging parents if you have them. It is remarkably challenging to be at the top of your career when so many other demands are on you at the same time.  Not to mention the changes physiologically occurring at midlife.

Imagine a way forward THAT feels aligned for YOU that is SUSTAINABLE!

You may be at the crossroads now too and feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of change yet yearning for more fulfilling work. I recognize this challenging dichotomy. I have been there and found fulfillment in new ways including blogging, online course creation and speaking. AND after getting asked repeatedly if I mentor others, here we are.

I was there too! Honestly, when I realized that my journey with long COVID was going to mandate a new career perspective, I was filled with doubt. 

You are at a crossroads...

- Hajira Yasmin MD

Siri Chand's commitment for me to succeed, learn and grow was shining through her work. I was able to open up my mind easily with her about all my mindset challenges, my barriers, my limiting beliefs in growing the business, and my credible image on the world stage of social media. She was very compassionate, understanding, and not once judgemental of the naivety of my social media skills. 

"Small batch thundercats, raclette hashtag messenger bag 3 wolf moon fixie subway tile. Banjo vinyl keffiyeh next level sriracha master cleanse"

The moral injury contributing to burnout that integrative physicians face is genuine and rooted in many systemic issues in medicine. Together, one person at a time, we can create a different narrative.

I learned the long and hard way the difference between doubt and uncertainty. And the only way I moved out of the doubting paradigm was to get coaching and support. As they say, you will not find your way out of a problem the same way you initially experienced it. When I was diagnosed with long Covid even with all my skills as an integrative physician, I knew there was more beneath the surface of the thoughts that were leading me to question if I had any sort of future in medicine. And though the journey took almost 7 years, I am here to say.... it doesn't have to take you that long and there is a future for you too. 

Hi! I'm SiriChand, Physician, Integrative/Lifestyle Medicine Marketing Expert and Mindset Coach here to help you take steps forward.

hey there!
Similar questions? I'm with you in this journey!

Let our agency help you leverage your expertise at a time when your other responsibilities are vast. We know the way through and our goal is to do that affordably so you can build wealth of all types.

Do I have to learn tech?

That depends... do you want to? I have found for some when it comes to designing a website, they love to do it with a little support. We can walk you through the best option using the resources that I have explored over the last 15 years of online business development. Plus, I understand the unique journey that empathic and integrative physicians have to explore to be visible in their entrepreneurial process. 

Do I have time to do this? 

I have found that while group coaching helps, when it comes to a marketing plan, there is nothing like working 1:1. Our creative approach matches your timeline so that you can nurture your ideas.

How do I find my people? 

There have been moments where I wondered....

For many years, I harbored ideas about how the concept I was nurturing would one day flourish. Interestingly, that day arrived only after I received support through coaching.

Why is that? I believe it's partly because, although almost all physicians are incredibly self-motivated, the entrepreneurial path is different. It compels us to view our business from new perspectives, challenging us to expand our beliefs about ourselves in remarkable ways.

If I'm honest, the growth is exponential with coaching for me. 

I know from my own journey that the first steps to getting support are the hardest.

Siri CHand reflects..... 

As an experienced physician myself, I deeply understand the unique demands and struggles of an integrative physician. My expertise in marketing and design is coupled with a personal journey through similar challenges, equipping me to guide and nurture your professional growth with empathy and an insider's perspective. AND a team that helps you focus on what you do well. 

Holistic Guidance without PERFECTION

Taking the first step is essential: without opening the door, new opportunities remain undiscovered.

Needing Legal Advice. We do not provide legal counsel or the necessary legal documentation for your offers. 

In a deep mental health AND/OR burnout exploration time, I beg of you, take the time to really do the inner work and when you feel steady in yourself, let's work then. Permission to rest. 

In search of support running the day to day operations of your business. We are not currently set up to function as your personal/virtual assistant in your new practice/offer. But maybe in time! 

This is not for you if... 

You are ready to shift from traditional medicine to a spiritually and wellness-focused entrepreneurial path.

This is for you if you are... 

You're seeking to transform career uncertainty into a fulfilling, purpose-driven journey as a healer. 

Yearning to embrace change, seeking a balanced life and a career that aligns with your values.

April 2024

Grow in community


GROUP Coaching 

starting at $3500

Business Coaching
Web/Course Development


Unique projects 


Strategy Sessions


one time Consult 

Just as our career journeys are unique, so are the varied avenues to rejuvenate them.  Work with us to breathe new life into your precious ideas.

Ready to do this? Let's explore together!

- Anne Truong MD

She was incredible in her skills as a very creative, imaginative being in building graphics and easy communication strategies. She introduced me to Canva and how to start Email campaigns. She also helped me create my first online webinar marketing project about my niche topic. 

The qualities I appreciate about Siri Chand, M.D are that she is objective, clear, concise, exceptionally warm, caring, kind, and holds space for you through this process all along. She was always there to answer my obstacles either via text messaging, video chats, zoom calls, and phone audio calls. 

-Hajira Yasmin MD

Siri Chand is the coach for the coach or mindful physician.  She is very generous and compassionate and sees into the silver lining of issues  With a brilliant mind and soul, she helps go into the deep emotions underneath it all and facilitate their release. 

She can also accompany those that have done their fair share of growth by understanding and shedding more light and inspiration as well being an extraordinary cheerleader.  And we all need that...Highly recommend!

- Vivian Suarez MD

- Ceppie Merry MD

What Clients are saying

Mindful transformations

Curiosity, awe and wonder are cultivated in this hybrid model of design AND coaching as a path forward. Comparing, judgement and shame will keep your precious ideas in development mode.

-Siri Chand Khalsa MD

  • Timely Completion Assurance: Delivering your finished product efficiently and on schedule.
  • Handover with Care: Ensuring a smooth transition of the final product to you.
  • Final Product, Your Vision Realized: Your vision is now a tangible, impactful reality. And you are living in it. 
  • Celebrating Your New Beginning: Marking the start of your new, fulfilling professional chapter.

STEP four

Your Dream Realized: Final Delivery

  • Regular Zoom Calls for Alignment: Consistent meetings to ensure we're on track with your vision.
  • Exploring Your Inner Voice: Delving deeper into your aspirations and professional identity.
  • Client-Focused Development: Keeping your ideal client at the forefront of our strategy.
  • Team Progress Updates: Regular reviews of our team's work to ensure satisfaction

step three

Deep Dive with Ongoing Collaboration

  • Team Collaboration for Your Vision: Our team works to capture and reflect your unique perspective.
  • Stress-Free Planning: We handle the complexities, allowing you to focus on your vision. You meet with Siri Chand for 1:1 coaching. 
  • Tailored Proposal for Your Needs: We create a proposal that specifically addresses the projects you are working on right now with creativity and empathy to all the existing demands on your time. 

Step TWO

Crafting Your Unique Vision

  • We Connect and Explore: You schedule an initial call with SiriChand to share your unique vision.
  • Personalized Approach from the Start: We focus on your specific career aspirations through exploring your offers or practice. 
  • Laying the Foundation: The team seeks to understand and align with your unique journey.
  • Unveiling Possibilities: Uncover the potential paths and opportunities awaiting you.

STEP one

Initiate Your Journey: Discovery Call

OK TELL ME MORE...  how do we work together?

Inquiring Minds Want to Know....

This distinct approach ensures each client receives our undivided attention and tailor-made solutions. It allows us to deeply understand your unique needs and create strategies that truly resonate with your personal and professional goals.
Now booking for Q2-3 2024.

We are a selective agency and take limited clients each quarter. 

Make a commitment now to your future Self

5 minute q&a session to ask me anything

You could call it a pick my brain moment but also, I would love to see you succeed. So if there is something or someone I know to help answer your question and support you, I will provide it right away. 

An opportunity for the team to get to know you better.

In our time on the call, we dive right into the what you are exploring in your work and where you feel stuck. Many feel uplifted and seen just through the validation of exploring with an expert in the field who understands everything you are juggling. 

complimentary 20 minutes
of high-quality strategy with Siri Chand

This is a COMPLIMENTARY call for the team to learn more about your work, where you are headed and how you want to get there. This is not a session where you are likely to have actionable steps but some do. 

What's a Discovery Call? 

"In life, you don't soar to the level of your hopes and dreams, you stay stuck at the level of your self-worth. In your business, leadership, relationships, friendships and ambitions, you don't rise to what you believe is possible, you fall to what you believe you're worthy of.

Jamie Kern Lima

There are numerous factors that have shaped your current position in your entrepreneurial journey. Many of these were not directly organized by you but were rather imposed by societal expectations. Despite this, we often find ourselves caught in the paradox of self-judgment. Bringing your unique vision to fruition will require a significant amount of self-compassion. The journey can be lonely at times, with decisions resting solely on your shoulders. However, embracing self-compassion can be incredibly valuable. Sign up here to access my free video on five techniques that have served me well and I believe will support you too.

Do you find yourself reflecting on chances that have slipped by?

SElf-Compassion Exercise